Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remembering loved ones with a bouquet locket

What a wonderful and significant way to remember loved ones who have passed on your wedding day!  

In a recent wedding I attended, the bride remembered her grandmother with a beautiful glass locket tied in her bouquet, keeping her memory close on her special day. The wedding program mentioned the locket, so guests could also share in this touching significant detail. 

The locket can be hand tied with a ribbon or chain (or even pinned) on the front of the bouquet. Or it can be privately and more subtly hidden under the petals and facing the bride. However its done, its a sweet way to honor important people in your life that cannot be there with you on such an important event. Then afterwards, the locket becomes a lovely keepsake from your wedding.

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Tisha said...

What a wonderful idea. Love the red earrings on your site.